The next Industrial Revolution

“Industry 4.0 "," Made in China 2025 "and" Internet + "and other national action program issued, bring new opportunities for development to manufacturers , but also inspire the global manufacturing enterprises. This new wave of technological revolution embraces digital, networked and intelligent manufacturing, promoting the level of industrial digitalization and the improvement of the level of data intelligence.

  • Asset Connection

    Data collection

    Data at scale

    Edge to cloud

  • Asset Performance

    Data Insights

    Lower downtime

    Predictive analytics

  • Asset Services

    Data enablement

    Technician productivity

    Higher service revenue

Augmented reality communications in the industrial field


Is based on a new generation of intelligent terminals, industrial networking (Iiot), 5G Network and artificial intelligence technology. "HoloView" was developed with mainly the focused on the Chinese manufacturing enterprises and the foreign joint venture enterprises with headquarters abroad. It is a real-time audio and video communication platform and is based on public/private cloud. The Integration of AR or MR, real-time data transmission, sample image and video collection and sharing enables the first-line worker to timely access information and receive remote collaboration, making the hands on work force more effective and efficient and thus more productive! In other words: “The Augmented Workforce”

Industrial Internet of Things-Empowerment

With the rapid advancement of cloud computing, Internet of things, artificial intelligence and other technologies, the digital transformation of enterprises is ushering in new opportunities. “HoloView" is compatible with smart glasses and other new generation of intelligent terminals, integrates with industrial Internet of Things (IoT) data and 5G Network and is a real-time communication and collaboration service platform which can help enterprises empower the hands on workforce by providing them hands free collaboration solutions, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Core technology

How does it work?